Board and Train

Our board-and-train programs are completely customizable to your specific needs and goals as a dog owner. Whatever your needs Von Aries Kennels training programs can be tailored to whatever goals you want to achieve for you and your dog.

The package for peace of mind. In our most immersive convenient, and effective program, your dog is boarded at the trainer’s home for three or more weeks depending of the package you and the trainer feels is best suited for you and your dogs needs. During this time, your dog receives constant personalized training and structure while learning obedience, manners, and building new desirable behaviors.


Von Aries Kennels has the right to refuse you and your dog for any and all of our programs we offer. We as trainers need to make sure you as the owner will follow through with the program that is tailored made for you and your dog bad behaviors.

Board-and train prices vary based on general needs of the dog, ranging from obedience to more intense behavior modification like aggression.

Please note that dogs going into any of our Board-and train programs MUST be crate trained prior to participating. Most dogs will be trained on a remote collar, which can be purchased through Von Aries Kennels as an add-on to your package but is not inherently included in any training package. Lastly, please understand that for all programs, owners will need to provide an appropriate supply of kibble for the dog.

All of our Board-and Train Programs come with a go home session the day of pick-up. One in home session within two to three days of going home from any of all training programs. One session within one to two weeks of the program.

Private Lessons for You and Your Dog

Lessons are available at our location or your location (Call to see if you are in our Service Zone)

Our private lesson are the hands-on answer to becoming a better dog owner. A professional trainer will personally coach and assist you in your dog’s training through one-on-one private sessions. Private lessons are very hands-on for the owners, and the goal is always to empower you by transferring a skillset for life.

2 – Week Puppy Potty Training & Imprinting Obedience

Von Aries Kennels Puppy TrainingThis program is for puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks old. We will start your dog off in the right direction to avoid problems behaviors and so much more?

We will start crate training your puppy and putting a good solid foundation for housebreaking your new puppy. We will also start imprinting all of the obedience commands so your puppy has a true understanding as to what you truly are expecting from them. Puppies don’t understand what you want. We have to teach them the words and make them understand the meaning.

You can’t ask a new puppy to sit if he/she has no idea what you want correct? Well, that is what imprinting is all about we start to imprint all the words so your puppy has a true meaning to the things we as owners want.

This program is designed for two levels and cost is based off what you as the client want.

Level 1

Crate Training

Starting a good solid foundation for housebreaking

Putting your new puppy on a feeding schedule

Teaching your puppy, a clear understanding to potty outside or in litter box

Level 2 includes level 1

Imprinting Obedience commands

♦ Sit
♦ Down
♦ Come
♦ Walking on leash
♦ Off – No jumping
♦ No – for any unwanted behaviors like play biting and chewing

Please understand puppies at a young age DO NOT have an attention span long enough to hold a sit, down for any longer than a few seconds. Imprinting allows for the puppy to understand the meaning of our language and demands. It also makes for easier training when your dog attention span start to develop.

3-Week Obedience  

This program is for dogs with little to no significant behavior problems. Whose primary goal is to develop better obedience skills and reliability in compliance and execution. We teach all the must-haves for a calm and obedient dog and can accommodate some behavior modification of mild unwanted behaviors. Dogs enrolled in our obedience board-and-train program will learn core obedience with reliability, which include:

Sit – will sit until told to move

Down – will down until told to move

Come – will come to you when called

Heel – walk properly on leash

Place – to go to a Kuranda Bed and stay until told to get up

No Jumping – will not be allowed to jump on anyone

Dogs with minor behavioral problems such as occasional barking, jumping, or mousiness are usually permitted into the obedience program, with understanding that we will also diminish those behaviors as they come up while participation in the program. Dogs with severe or more consistent behavior issues will be referred to one of our behavior modifications programs.

3 to 4 Week Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification program tackles all of your dog’s mild to moderate unwanted behaviors and builds them up into the best dog they can be.

This program is ideal for dogs with significant but not sever behavior problems, which often includes but is not limited to:

Board and Train Excessive barking

Counter surfing

Jumping on humans

Poor leash manners

Mild reactivity

Mild anxiety or fear

Noncompliance of known commands

Non-aggressive nipping and mouthing


Playing Keep-away.

Additionally, you can expect your dog to learn (if new) or perfect (if already known) core obedience commands including:






Dogs with mild to moderate behavior concerns are usually permitted into our behavior modification program, but depending on severity, cases may be referred to our severe behavior and aggression rehabilitation program. Clients will be required to purchase or arrange for a e-collar remote. Which is not included in the program.

4 week Severe Behavior/Aggression Rehabilitation  

The real deal program. This program is on a case-by-case basis. This program requires a one-time Evaluation of your dog. Cost of evaluation is $175.00 that will be applied to the program if your pet is accepted into the program.

Our severe behavior board-and-train is specifically made for dogs that are exhibiting intense dog or human aggression, reactivity, biting and other behaviors deemed dangerous to the dog and those around it.

In our severe behavior program, we try put and end to aggressive and destructive behavior and address the underlying causes. Our methods are built to ensure not only the behaviors not come back with appropriate maintenance, but that we also leave the dog happier and more secure than when we found it. Time and time again we have put a stop to previously uncontrollable reactivity and aggression towards humans, leaving clients with peace of mind and a top-tier maintenance game plan to follow.

The sever behavior program may also be good fit for dogs with more intense fear and anxiety and other destructive behaviors. In addition to tackling unwanted behaviors, dogs in this program will also work on core obedience detailed in our other packages, and fine-tune other less sever behavioral concerns.

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