Boarding Policy

Daily Boarding

Please call for current pricing.

Both our 5×5 and 5×10 kennels include an Orthopedic Kuranda Bed.

Discounts are available for multiple dogs living in the same household.

Doggie Day Care is available Monday thru Friday only, 7am to 6pm

No Extra charges for medications, special diets or dogs with special needs.

All dogs will go outside in our play yards 5 times per day at no additional charges.

Bed check will be done on all of our Boarding guest no later 11pm.

When booking, during the Holidays there will be a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.

There will be an additional charge per day for all of the following Holidays:

  • Spring Break
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Easter
  • 4th of July Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving (Thursday thru Sunday)
  • Christmas Break
  • New Years

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Dogs must be pick-up before 10am to avoid charges for that day.

  • Note many Kennels charge for the first and last day regardless of time. We tried to split the difference by NOT charging for the last day if your pet is pick-up by 10am. If your dog is schedule for grooming on last day of boarding stay, you will be called when done and have (1) hour to pick up or you will be charged for a full day of boarding.
  • We do offer Emergency boarding at no additional charge. You will need to call Laurie Binz directly after hours at (260)479-5972.
  • There will be an extra charge for late pick-up or early- drop off.

What to Bring

Toys are allowed including, bones, balls, stuffed animals, etc.

Personal blankets and beds are NOT permitted. (On request we would be happy to provide your dog with one of our blankets.)

Each dog has an Orthopedic Kuranda bed in their kennel.

No food or water bowel are permitted from home.

  • We wash all of our food bowels after each use.
  • Water bowels are cleaned twice a day and water is always fresh and clean.

You are to bring your own Dog Food.

  • Boarding is stressful enough it is not recommended to switch dog foods during boarding.


All dogs must to up to date on all of their Vaccinations.

Proof of vaccinations records must be given at the time of boarding.

  • With your authorization we would be happy to call your Veterinarian’s Office and obtain your pets records.

Vaccinations needed for boarding are:

  • Bordetella
  • Rabies
  • Cannie Influenzas is not required at this time


We feed twice a day once in the am and again in the pm.

If your dog is in need of an afternoon meal, please let us know at drop off.


Any dogs found with infestations of ticks or fleas will be treated at Owner’s Expense.

  • Flea Baths will be given and ticks removed.

Aggressive Dogs

We will board aggressive dogs.

Our facility is set up to board and care for aggressive dogs.

We will evaluate each aggressive dog and come up with a care plan to ensure everyone is safe.

There is an additional fee for liability for aggressive dogs.

We work hard to reduce stress on your animals as much a possible by including Multiple play sessions outside, playing music for relaxation in the Kennels. Before leaving your dog in our care we will go over paperwork and find out more about your pet. We here at Von Aries Kennels truly care about all of our guest.

Laure and Brad Binz are Certified Emergency Medical Responders and have been trained in Animal Emergency and are First Aid Certified in Canines.

We have an OPEN DOOR policy please feel free to stop by anytime during our hours of operation and we will gladly take you for a tour around our facility.

Dog Boarding
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