Dog food we sell and trust to feed to our own dogs!

Please make sure if your feeding Grain Free that the food your feeding to your dog has these very important ingredients: L-Lysine, Taurine and L – carnitine

All Earthborn products have these major ingredients in there Grain Free food.

Acana Dog food is the only dog food on the market that makes a TRUE single ingredient dog food.   So if you have a dog with severe allergies this is what we highly recommend.

This is a great food for working dogs, or dogs that have a very high-energy level.

Pet Toys and Accessories we recommend…

Kong Toys

Helps provide mental and physical stimulation for any kind of pet!

Choke Collars

Choke collars are another training collar that can protect a dogs trachea when used correctly

Prong Collar for Training ONLY

When used properly, the prong collar can actually protect the dog from trachea damage caused by an inexperienced handler or by the dog itself when it pulls on the collar excessively due to excitement or bad behavior.

Long Lines for Training

A long line is a good way to teach your dog to come, sit or down.

Training Collar

This is another training collar that can protect a dog from trachea damage when used correctly.


We highly recommend this little e-collar for small and tiny dogs

All – Natural Dog Treats!

Beef Cheek Rolls are 100% natural. These rolls are high in collagen.

Collagen has been shown to promote skin, joint and coat health for your dogs. These are NOT Rawhides

CBD for Dogs

I will have to say CBD works great on some dogs. But, not all. Compared to traditional medical treatment, hemp oil for dogs doesn’t have any serious side effects like some of the medication on the market. Its good for the dogs liver and GI tract as well.