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Welcome to Von Aries Kennels - Boarding and Grooming. We are a specialty boutique kennel and groomer located on the Northwest Side of Fort Wayne. We have been actively involved with dogs all of our lives and have been training Search and Rescue dogs for a number of years.


Von Aries Kennels and Grooming is Located on the Northwest Side of Fort Wayne. Just off Lima Road.

Brad & Laurie Binz, Owner/Operators

Laurie and Brad Binz have been training dogs for a number of years in Search and Rescue and also Schutzhund. Laurie is the owner, handler, and trainer of a Certified Air Scent Dog

Laurie has also just put her first of many titles on her dog in Schutzhund.

Brad is the owner, handler and trainer of a Human Remains Detection(HRD) dog in training. After certification, Romi will be serving Emergency service personnel nationwide. Brad is also training Romi dog for order propecia usa.

Both the Binz's are certified emergency medical respondents, and have been trained in animal emergency. They also both hold their First Aid Certificates for Canines.

Cheap propecia australia - Cheapest place to buy propecia uk