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Dog grooming can be an adventure for our favorite four-legged friends. To make it more enjoyable, our grooming spa is located in our Main area.  Our dog groomers are very experienced, from show dogs to your everyday pets.  Most of all our groomers are loving and caring towards the dogs.  Ask any of the customers coming to us from all over Fort Wayne.

At Von Aries Kennel and Grooming,  we provide specialty breed clips as well as the family pet clips.  Poodle grooming is just one of our specialties.

There is plenty of space & most dogs enjoy the company at Von Aries.

Any dogs that have had previous injuries or being slightly older are given special treatment.

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With all dog grooming, we offer complimentary cleaning & plucking of ears, toenail cut, and hair between pads clipped. Sanitary areas tidied; tail trimmed, cologne & bandana to suit.

Bookings at Von Aries are essential to prevent overcrowding, please give us plenty of time to groom your pet to enable the professional standard you deserve.

Dog Grooming Short Hair Long Hair
   Very Small (< 10lbs) $30 $35
   Small (10-15lbs) $38 $38
   Medium (16-25lbs) $45-$50 $45-$50
   Large (26 – 40lbs) $60 $60
   X.Large (> 41lbs) $65 $85
Additional Services Price
Dental $5.00
Flea Bath $10.00
De-Skunk Treatment $10.00
Nails Only (Walk-ins Welcome) $5.00

NEW CUSTOMERS – We offer all new grooming clients $5.00 off their first visit!

Referral Bonuses– If someone gives us your name, you will receive $5.00 off your next grooming session.

Loyalty Reward Program– $5.00 off after 5 visits

Skin Problems

At Von Aries we only use top choice shampoos, these will range from soothing oatmeal, rose oils, conditioners as well as unique formulas for a black or white dog, medicated for irritating rashes and flea treatments.

Fleas are a constant problem especially in our Indiana weather; at Von Aries we reduce fleas by bathing in a special shampoo, only after initial consultation with you about the welfare of your dog. Understanding has taught us that animals with fleas are best washed in a soothing shampoo so that the skin is not aggravated again.  Spraying your pets sleeping area with a flea bomb along with washing all bedding will help eliminate the breeding cycle of the flea.

Matts & Knots close to the skin are very difficult to have clipped with any length left on their coat.  This is due to the discomfort matting causes to your pets. We are left with the only option that is to remove the entire coat below these mats. This is not pleasant for your pet & we recommend constant grooming between visits to avoid this in the future. We will discuss the best possible grooming regime & correct brushes that will suit your dog. Your dog’s blood supply may be diminished due to these mats as well as severe skin irritations that you may be previously unaware of.  Matts will remain very damp underneath if the dog becomes wet & not completely drying your dog off after a bath will also add to these problems. Any dog with severe mats will be referred to a vet.  Additional prices may be added due to the time these take to remove.

Ear Cleaning & Plucking

We highly recommend the constant cleaning & caring for your dogs ears in between all grooming visits. This will avoid any unnecessary discomfort with ears having to be plucked by our groomers all in one go. You will receive individual attention & advice from our qualified staff in the care & maintenance of this problem.

TLC is guaranteed.