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Boarding Policy

Boarding Policy

* Daily Boarding Fee is $20.00 per day. Two dogs in the same family are $35.00 per day.

* Doggie Day Care is $12.50 per day. 6AM to 6PM Monday to Friday Only!

* No Extra charges for medications, exercise, special diets, dogs with special needs or additional kennel toys or beds will be charged, as is often done in other Kennel facilities.

* When booking, during the Holidays, days booked must be paid at the time of Scheduling to hold the Kennel. Kennel is NOT confirmed until

  payment is received. No Refunds for Cancellation on Holidays. These Holidays include: Spring Break, Easter, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of

  July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving and Christmas Break.  All other Cancellations Must be at least 72 Hour Notice.


Dogs must be Picked-Up before 10am to avoid charges for that day. Note: Many Kennels charge for the first and last day regardless of time. We tried to split the difference by NOT charging for last day if your pet is picked Up by 10am. If your dogs are to be groomed before going Home then the boarding fee for last day will not be charged if picked-up by 2pm. However, Grooming appointment must be made in advance. 

* Dogs are Not allowed to share a Kennel for any reason due to the need for monitoring of food and water intake as well as monitoring of elimination for health reasons. Dogs from the same family will be allowed to play together in the exercise area daily.

* Dog beds and personal toys are permitted but will be removed if the dog tears or shreds them due to safety concerns.

* All Vaccinations, including Kennel Cough Must be Up to date before Boarding. Proof of Vaccinations record must also be given at the time of Boarding.


* We work to reduce stress on your animal as much as possible by including Multiple Play Sessions and Walks per day as well as playing music for relaxation in the kennels. Most dogs settle in immediately. If you need sedation medication administered to your dog for anxiety purposes, the medication must be provided by a veterinarian and the container clearly marked.

* Laurie and Brad Binz are Certified Emergency Medical Responders and have been trained in Animal Emergency and are First Aid Certified in Canines.

Obedience: Training is available for your dog for $20.00 per hour.

Feeding: is scheduled twice a Day in the Morning and Evening. We ask all of our Boarders to bring their own Dog Food. Boarding your Pet is stressful enough, its best to keep your dog on the same food as her/she is eating at home.

Infestations: Any Dogs found with infestations of ticks or fleas will be treated at Owner’s Expense. Flea Baths will be given and ticks removed